A Captive of Love

A captive love

A Captive of Love

We strolled amidst the elutriate fragrant Garden’s,
Watching the twilight glistening on the heavenly dew.

My beloved Husband sweetly whispers and say’s,
“Hold to Me,my precious and I will take you through.

There isn’t anything I haven’t seen,
nor anything I do not know.

Let’s waltz along this moonlit path,
woven tightly in each other’s arm’s.

For I will tell you of all My hidden secret’s
and reveal to you all of My charm’s”.

He sweeps me up into His powerful arm’s
and carries me where He need’s me the most.

He truthfully is the One I love,
conquering all fear’s I will willfully boast.

When He carries me through the twilight mist,
I tributarily lift my veil.

Brushing His precious lip’s to mine
and stroking my face with a hand pierced by a nail.

The shining Light coming forth from His Exuberant Spirit,
has seen all my sorrowful wails and sighs.

But now He is taking me to Our Eastern Palace,
way beyond the skies.

Nay, there is not any greater love for Him to Spiritually capture, than the one to whom He lovingly call’s into His Glorious “Rapture ” !

CR, By Della Joyce Baird Moses


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