Recently a friend of mine started this silly saying by looking at me and remarking with emphasis, ” You are so Beautiful”. I would laugh and raise my eyebrows at her and give her the look that says, “You have lost it”. She would erupt into laughter like a little child.

As time went on, my friend used every opportunity she could muster to slip in the word “BEAUTIFUL” whether it was on the phone, texting, or in person verbally. She was ruthless in pounding this word at me every chance she got. Honestly, my action of ignoring her did not deter her, unknown to me she was on a mission.

I finally reached a point of exasperation and asked her “When are you going to stop with the word “BEAUTIFUL”? With the most beautiful smile and so angelic in nature she stated very firmly “When you get it, for it is not I who is telling you this, it is the Holy Spirit leading me to tell you this, that you are BEAUTIFUL”! I was stunned, I did not know what to say and I remember muttering “Ok” and somewhat defeated I said “I receive it” with little conviction.

Having not said it with enough conviction during the days to come to my sweet friend would say it over and over until eventually it became embedded in my head. BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL.

Truthfully I have not felt BEAUTIFUL in a long time, the kind of BEAUTIFUL you feel when someone shares a smile meant just for you, or a special nod, or a wonderful hug, given with love or just simply “How are you today? This simple gesture acknowledges someone and lets him or her know they are not alone.

I have battled so much in the last few years, I no longer felt BEAUTIFUL on the inside or outside, and I just existed. My sweet friend faithfully repeated over and over the word BEAUTIFUL to me, why? Her answer was profound ” I am about my Father’s Business and I am obedient as his child”. My friend left me with many thoughts to ponder, why did God want me to know I was BEAUTIFUL? What was God trying to reveal? Why was this so hard for me to understand and receive?

I was walking around with my sins and peoples condemnation wrapped around my neck like a heavy chain of past hurts, failures, and mistakes, along with feelings of unworthiness even though I had been baptized in Jesus name and filled with the Holy Spirit.

When my friend returned from her retreat, she had a revelation to share with me on “BEAUTIFUL” and why the Holy Spirit had been instructing her to tell me “BEAUTIFUL” with tears of wonderment, all that she had grasped, and feeling so overwhelmed she said:
You are God’s Bride
You are his Beloved
You are pure
Go to your secret place
Let him talk to you a while
He will give you rest and peace
He will restore you
He will lift you on high
You are without blemish
You are so beautiful to him

Then she played me a song from a CD she heard at the retreat called “My Beloved” by Kari Jobi. As the words filtered out, I felt something inside me snap and when I heard the words “I see no stain” as it was sung, I literally felt my soul leap for joy out of my body. It changed me profoundly! God loves me and I am BEAUTIFUL to him. God’s love is unconditional.

This revelation is not just for me, it is for every woman who needs to be set free. If you are on the journey of change start with the inside first and let the Holy Spirit lead your heart because true beauty flows from the inside out and God see your inner Beauty.

Please pass along this message of love and let every woman you know, that she is BEAUTIFUL.

Please be sure and listen to Kari Jobi’s ” My Beloved” on youtube.


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