How Can We Help

how can we help
Today in this world we don’t see what people go through every day.
We always end up hearing about people that get kidnapped, killed and others that you hear. And also we hear on the news or the radio about floods, hurricanes, tornados and also earthquakes.
From what we see and hear we began to think to say why did this happen to them? And not us? We have to realize what these people have gone through. When we see this it hurts us and we began to ask God why did this happen to them? But don’t worry God wants us to pray for them and to help them out. Can you just think for one moment and think do they have loved ones to go to care for them?
Do they have people to go to them and tell them we are praying for you? Or would you end up seeing them coming to church to have a loving family to be there for them all the time? No all they can do is get sad, mad, and drink and do drugs to help them to make it through the day. People of our United Pentecostal district we have to open up to them and understand and to be in their shoes to see how they feel. And when we began to do that we cry out to God and began to pray for them.
When this happens yes they would cry out for help to save us and to help their family. They are so hungry for Him and wondering can He hear us call out to Him? Do His people from the churches come to help us out? Are they here to reach out to us and tell them about their God to us? Yes, yes we can and will help them and talk about how God has been so good to us from things we have gone through. Everyone from the United Pentecostal Church district can you help us by saying yes I can help you. I can go to them and help them out to win them. I know that this is 2008 and we are still reaching out to the world.

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