Wedding Preparations

wedding preparations

     Wedding Preparations

We are living in a fast-paced world.  Time flies!  Sunday is over and Saturday is already here!  We get up and rush to work – then rush home to hurry and get supper and it’s time to hurry to bed so that we can get up and start all over again.  With this fast-paced lifestyle, so many have neglected the most important part of their life – the intimate relationship with Jesus – their best friend.

                Perhaps you have received the email of a letter written by Jesus.  It tells about how He tries in every way to show His love and to get our attention, with the sunset and cool breeze.  Yet, with all He does, we are too busy to notice.

                As Pentecostals, we are guilty of going to church (if there is nothing else more important), and going through the motions of worship.  We fulfill the scripture that says, “These people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me.”  (Matt. 15:8)

                Brother Jason Sciscoe recently preached a message on the Ten Virgins.  He mentioned the fact that earlier in his life when the Rapture or Coming of the Lord was preached, it was a rather scary thing.  “You’d better be ready.  It might be today, and you’ll be left behind!”   I John 4:18 states, “There is NO FEAR in LOVE, but PERFECT LOVE casteth out fear; because of fear hath torment.  He that feareth is NOT MADE PERFECT IN LOVE….”  If we have that perfect love for the Lord, we will not fear or dread His coming but will rejoice and look forward to it.

                I love weddings!  I’m very sentimental.  I can remember almost fifty years ago, I was counting the weeks, days, minutes and hours until I became the bride of Andrew Wasmundt.  I could hardly wait!  Every night, I would dream of what it was going to be like, moving to a new location, having my own home and being a pastor’s wife.  During the day, I would spend time writing letters of endearment to my future husband, and writing my ‘new name’.

                There was much preparation for the wedding.  Of course, I spent hours shopping for a wedding gown.  The last gown I tried on in a Bridal Shoppe had lipstick marks on it.  That was when I decided that I would have my gown made, and I would be the only one to wear it.  It would be a special one, made just the way I wanted it.

                There were invitations to send out to friends and family; bridal showers; and so many other things to attend to.

                My husband-to-be was getting ready a place for us to live.  We would be moving out of state – far from my home.  He wanted the best place that he could afford for his new bride.

                Finally, that long-awaited day came.  I walked down the long aisle of Evangelistic Temple to become Mrs. Andrew Wasmundt.  What a happy day that was!

                We are espoused to Jesus Christ.  As His bride-to-be, we should be looking for His arrival with great anticipation and excitement.  There are preparations that have to be made.  There is daily communication that is necessary.  I don’t think a wedding would take place, if, after the engagement, the bride would say, “Thanks for the ring and the promises, I’ll see you at the wedding!”

                Sometimes, our actions make that statement to the Lord.  After we receive the Holy Ghost and become espoused to Him, we say, “Thanks, Lord, for accepting me as your espoused bride, I’ll see you at the Rapture!”   We go on to live our lives, do our own thing, and forget about the wedding preparations we should be making.  The only time we say anything to Him is when we are in church, and then sometimes our attention is divided between Him and whatever is going on around us.

                When we first come to know the Lord, we receive an experience of the Holy Ghost.  From that point on, we must develop a relationship.  That relationship can only be developed by communicating with the one to whom we are espoused.  We must read His letters to us, and find out more about Him, and be willing to submit to His will for us.  Our communication with Him in prayer will not be drudgery but will be a time that we will look forward to each day.  It won’t be just a quick prayer in the morning, or before bed, but He will be in our thoughts throughout the day.   As His bride-to-be, we will be counting the days until He comes to take us to our new home, where we will be with Him forever!

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