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Shirley Wasmundt

Married to a minister almost 50 years. Pastor's wife 44 of those years. Former President of the Nebraska Ladies Ministries, 18 years. Mother of 2 daughters and 2 sons; GRANDmother of 13 and GREAT-GRANDmother of 2. Author of "The Beauty of Holiness" and "Everybody's Granny"


Wedding Preparations

By Shirley Wasmundt / 6 months ago

     Wedding Preparations We are living in a fast-paced world.  Time flies!  Sunday is over and Saturday is already here!  We get up and rush to work – then rush home to hurry and get supper and it’s time to hurry to bed so that we can get up and start all over again.  With this […]


Keep The Blood Flowing…

By Shirley Wasmundt / last year

Keep The Blood Flowing… Last year, through our insurance, we joined a fitness club FREE.  Unfortunately, we never got started, because my husband had to have some surgery, and couldn’t do any exercising for a little while.  We finally put a freeze on the membership, because we were not using it. The day after New […]