The Problem with the Apostolic Movement

The Problem with the Apostolic Movement

Some say, “The Apostolic Movement has so many problems. Losing Holiness. Prayerless. Worldly. Careless. Burdenless.”

I agree with the fact that the Apostolic Movement has had and continues to have problems. However, to say we have it worse than any other group, I don’t think so. That does not excuse us, however, it is a product of the human condition.

Our Strengths are greater than our weaknesses.

I do not agree that our problems are a lack of holiness and “standards”. Our problem is we do not follow the first two commandments, “Loving God with all and loving our neighbor like we love ourselves.” That has always been the challenge of humanity. Always will be.

In the Beginning, God had a church of two and they both backslid. Jesus had twelve disciples and they all left him. The Apostolic Church, read Acts and Revelation and you will find they were eaten up with Human weakness, Sin, and Spiritual Issues.

The presence of Unglorified Flesh is where the problem begins… and this will be the case till the New Heaven and New Earth.

Don’t despair. The Apostolic Church can be defined by you. Yes, you.Whoever it is that is reading this. How much do you pray? How much do you love God? How much do you demonstrate in quantifiable ways your love of others? It is easy to sit in the seat of the scornful and find fault with everyone else, however the real inspection is usually most needed in the hearts of those who feels everyone else and the church is eat up with problems.

We have the ability to changing and influencing the world we live in. We can transform our local churches by being the very best example of a Child of God. This influence we have will over time inspire others to follow our example.

If every apostolic that spends time fretting and accounting the many problems that are around us spent a fraction of that time and energy in prayer and ministry to the same body of believers, the problems we have could be melted away.

What made the Apostolic Church the Apostolic Church is a Move of God that brought repentance and birthed love in the heart of a new believer. This Move of God can move again. Repentance can come again. Love can be reborn.

One Day, when we see Jesus all “our” troubles will be gone.

Don’t curse the Darkness. Get some Matches.

What are you willing to do to be the solution?

There is nothing wrong with the Holy Ghost. Prayer still works. The Word of God is unchanging.

Do people, leaders and local churches have problems? Sure.

However, there is nothing wrong with the Apostolic Movement.

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