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Married to Becky and father of Keaton, Nate and Noah. Pastor of NewBirth Church in Clinton, Mississippi. Director for Home Missions for Mississippi UPC.



By scott phillips / last month

Tophets? I attended an engaging seminar the other day on “The Archeology of the Bible.” It is a 14 week class and I am sure you will see more from this in the future. Below is the application I made in my own mind. I doubt I preach this, however I have been meditating on […]


Three Dimensions of Truth

By scott phillips / a few months ago

“There are three Dimensions of Truth …Experience, Doctrine and Fellowship.” On Wednesday Night during prayer the Lord spoke this concept to me. “There are three Dimensions of Truth …Experience, Doctrine and Fellowship.” I heard it over and over as I prayed. I studied this and developed into an article. May it be a blessing to […]


If the River Leaves You, You Die

By scott phillips / a few months ago

If the river leaves you, you die. At one time, Rodney, Mississippi was the largest port between New Orleans and St. Louis. You would never know it today because there are only a few reminders of a past of greatness. It is actually called a “Ghost” town because it has been forgotten and left by […]


The Spirit of Excellence

By scott phillips / 7 months ago

The Spirit of Excellence In preparing for my midweek message on last week the Lord directed my study to the Book of Daniel. It seemed that highlighted in the text was this trait attributed to Daniel, that being that he had an excellent spirit. I began to look deeper into this and found that this […]


Don’t Judge The Future Based on the Past

By scott phillips / 10 months ago

Don’t Judge The Future Based on the Past In Acts chapter nine we read of the miraculous conversion that transformed Saul of Tarsus into what would eventually become the Apostle Paul. To question the sincerity or fervency of Saul would be pointless. He was so fervent and sincere that he persecuted those who seemed to be […]


When the Call Becomes Personal

By scott phillips / 11 months ago

When the Call Becomes Personal The Call of God. It is one thing when your call is between you and God. When you have had a vision nameless faces and crowds of people without a knowing who they are. But When the Call of Ministry has grown to where the people of which you are […]


The Problem with the Apostolic Movement

By scott phillips / last year

Some say, “The Apostolic Movement has so many problems. Losing Holiness. Prayerless. Worldly. Careless. Burdenless.” I agree with the fact that the Apostolic Movement has had and continues to have problems. However, to say we have it worse than any other group, I don’t think so. That does not excuse us, however, it is a […]


The Dangers of Admiring a Harlot

By scott phillips / a couple of years ago

The Dangers of Admiring A Harlot ” ….I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration…..” The past few days I have had the joy of having an unexpected visit from a long time […]