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Renee Kasuboski

My husband pastor's a small daughter work in Omro, WI, called Fountain of Life Tabernacle. We have 5 daughters whom I home school. I enjoy writting children's stories and articles.


Two powerful words

By Renee Kasuboski / a day ago

Two powerful words I have dealt quite a bit with children all ages, and the age that strikes my mind, in particular, is the 1-1/2 to 2year olds.  If they get in a quarrel or have done something that requires apologizing it is ironic to see how difficult and how stubborn they can be, even […]


The Bird

By Renee Kasuboski / a few days ago

The Bird It all started one warm day in spring.  There I was minding my own business watering my many berry plants, and there he was the bird.  A determined, stubborn, relentless and fearless little bird to be exact. I stood there with the hot sun beating down on my thirsty berries.  I was giving […]