Stressed = Desserts


Stressed = Desserts

Many times we come across that awful thing called stress. Why do we waste our time giving it attention? Are we really “overloaded” that we cannot operate normally?

Perspective comes in at this time. THERE IS A WORLD OUTSIDE SPINNING. It won’t stop because of our stress. Even our world won’t stop because of stress.

Here is a real-life example. It was April 8th, 2008. The next day was the first day of the Gateway College Music Conference – Unprecedented Praise. I had been working with the people in charge of it and had spent countless hours preparing. My stress level was higher than normal due to the conference beginning the next day. I walked up to my room and open the door. There, in my room, before my eyes, was the remnants of a prank. That’s right…a practical joke. They are usually in college dorms. This, however, was not the time I would have wished a practical joke upon myself. I walked into my room to find crickets hopping around, having the time of their lives. Needless to say, I could have committed murder! What was I to do? I was beside myself. Here are the events that occurred after that night…the world went on. Sure, I had hit a large wave and tumbled beneath the surface for a moment or two, but the world continued. The music conference was a great success, and we were all happy by the end of the week.

You have to admit, you wish the world would stop and show you some pity in your dire need for attention while going through some situation or another. Here’s the truth – when we put light on a certain event, we tend to take the light off of God and what He is doing. Many people quote Isaiah when he saw the Lord, high and lifted up. This was in the midst of Isaiah’s trouble. THAT’S WRONG. Isaiah said, “I saw ALSO the Lord….” In the midst of his trials and tribulation, he still saw the Lord. He didn’t take any attention off of God because of what he was going through.

That’s the lesson. Make sure you don’t give too much credit to your situation that you take your mind off of Who really matters. Sit down and feed yourself on His word and see what the outcome of your situation becomes.

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