The Musings of a Reluctant Drama Queen

You know, all I long for is a nice, quiet existence, my family around me, my home orderly and neat, being with my church family and hearing the anointed Word of God, nothing extravagant, nothing out of the ordinary, just peace.

I have known people that crave excitement, daredevils at heart, always on the look out for the next big adventure. Me, not so much.

Now, I am going to tell you all about my life in the past, oh let’s say 2 and a half months. What I am about to disclose is real, unvarnished and maybe even unbelievable, but let me guarantee that every word is true.

If you do not know me you may think I am on a quest for pity. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even I am overwhelmed and unbelieving of everything that has taken place, and will expound on the events merely for the illustration.

First, as you probably know, my son was hit by a truck on December 23 while skate boarding home from a friends house and he had several injuries. We have been bringing him back and forth to school since he has been in a wheelchair. He also had surgery on his ankle last month, and ended up with a stress ulcer and lost 20 pounds because he was throwing up.

My parents had been in Louisiana with my sister, and my mother was actually in the *hospital* for 7 weeks. My husband went to pick them up from Louisiana toward the end of January and since then we have had my Dad in the ER with chest pain, my Mom was admitted for a questionable infection. She has fallen several times and has some very notable bruises. Dad has also developed some sores on his *good leg* that I have been trying to help him get under control this past week.

Thursday night my Grandmother fell at home and we convinced the Doctor to keep her even though the x rays were negative. Turns out she had a hip fracture and after being transferred to ICU last night for low heart rate she had her hip replaced tonight.

Add into this mix some personal issues such as finding out I have some extra health issues that I could have easily done without and it becomes thick and hard to maneuver in.

I don’t know why these things happen, but they do, and we will just have to hang on till the end, never giving up on what is vital and important, even in the bleakest of circumstances.

Believe it or not, I have faced other situations that make my current pale in comparison. Always I make it, though sometimes it seems He drags me along kicking and screaming.

And I have thought of running away to the remote reaches of Montana, you know, just dropping my cell phone off on my way out the door and disappearing into the fog.

Now THAT’s drama. Maybe I could write a book about that!

But, unfortunately troubles can’t be dropped off at the door, but they can be dropped at His feet.

Enough dramatic thoughts for one night, folks, I’m hitting the sack. All this stuff has worn me out….


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