The Vessel, The Sacrifice The Authority, and The Purpose.

On The Mountain With Jesus

The Vessel, The Sacrifice The Authority, and The Purpose.


First, lets look at the LAD.( THE VESSEL)

Here we have a young child, not much to look at, not much to expect from.

No one would expect him to do much or give much to the kingdom of God. ( Let no man despise thy youth..”)

After all, all he had was a simple lunch, a couple fish and a few loaves,  ( but what are they among so many? )

Hum looks to me like he came expecting to share..

He certainly had more than he could eat.

Maybe he was expecting to have lunch with someone else.

Jesus? Hum looks like he came with faith and foresight.

And who said a child couldn’t give or do anything good for God?


Then there was the LUNCH. (THE SACRIFICE)

but just a couple fish and a few loaves.

( but what are they among so many? ) But then again little in the hands of God is much. His lunch was the sacrificial offering to the Lord of glory.
It may not have been much to start with but then again God doesn’t need much to work with. Just a TRUSTING heart and OPEN hand.  A closed hand cannot give nor can it receive.

Hey, it’s not what you have but what your willing to give that counts! Got any lunch?


Then there was the Lord. (THE AUTHORITY)

You see what many of us haven’t realized is that if you want a miracle. You first have to find the Lord.

First, have to have divine Lordship in and over your life.

You have to be under the authority of the Lord.

Submitted to the authority placed over you.

Husbands love your wives, wives submit unto your husbands, children honor your parents, servants obey your masters, (employers) etc.

What some sin-filled, sick people need is to recognize the Lordship of Jesus Christ.. recognize that the lord you been serving and claiming is not the Lord Jesus Christ.

You won’t find the Lord in the world, in the bottle, the drugs the illicit affairs, etc.

Hey did anybody notice anything special about these here multitudes in this story?

Well for one they came willingly to hear and accept the word of the Lord. Came willing to receive, Came willing to stick it out even after hunger pangs came calling to distract and hinder them from receiving Gods word. 3 days they waited and listened.

They forgot about Hometown buffet and instead choose heavens cafe..

Hey anybody ever notices how hunger can keep some folks from believing in the word of the Lord.

Maybe it all depends on what kind of hunger you have and what you are hungering for?

To many of us hunger for the wrong things…

Yes, they may have felt the hot, humid, weary weather beating on their backs. But they would not leave, would not ignore his words. They found the Lord and weren’t about to let him go. Shame on us


Then there was the LOST. (THE PURPOSE)

This is what it’s all about… Hey, You want a miracle?

Let me ask you something where’s your compassion? Look at Jesus.

In Mark 8: and verse 2 Jesus (THE LORD) called his disciples unto him, and saith unto them,  2  I have compassion on the multitude (THE LOST SOULS)

Maybe we have been asking for a miracle but asking selfishly at that.. (James said we ask amiss that we may consume it upon our lust)

Are you concerned more about your lust than about the lost?

Hey, the miracle was meant to get their attention.

To get them to focus on Jesus. To show them the love of God, to show them the power of God.

The providence of God. The goodness of God. Hey, what’s your miracle for. What does that miracle you want mean to show anyone? Is your miracle going to benefit the lost? Is your miracle going to speak to the lost?

CLOSING: Where and what is the missing ingredient to your miracle. Do you even want a miracle or will it cost you too much?

Can you feel for the multitudes? Can you feed the multitudes?

Can you or will you find the Lord? Will you submit to the Lord?

Got any needs? Hey anybody wants to share their lunch today?

Share it with others, with Jesus?

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