Let’s Be Babies Again

lets be babies again

Let’s Be Babies Again

A new baby was born to the household. It had been almost thirteen years since that had happened. As the baby was brought home and placed in its bassinet, Bess made an immediate request. The parents were apprehensive to leave Bess alone with her little sister, Bess was a gifted child and surely didn’t know how to handle a newborn. Dad and Mom refused, thinking it was too risky, but, with much persistence; they relented. As Bess went in, they stood just outside the door, watching closely for any wrong moves. Bess walked up close and put her face just outside of Misty’s and whispered; “tell me how it feels to be close to God?” “I knew when I was a baby, but its been awhile and I am forgetting how it feels.” “I know its wonderful, but please tell me, or, just squeeze my finger since your not supposed to talk.” Bess placed her finger on the very small hand and it pressed so tight! She began to weep, and whispered; “yes, now I remember! Oh, it is so wonderful, I like it here, but I remember I loved being with God. If it is okay, I want to ask often so I can feel good.”

Mom and Dad walked in with tears streaming down their face; feeling like babies themselves. Having witnessed the gift in Bess wasn’t a surprise to them, but something they had always felt that words couldn’t explain. As they stood with Bess looking at Misty, they were all for a moment, babies before the Lord and His presence was hovering over them so close and sweet. Often, Bess will go to Misty and make her request known; Misty will take her finger and squeeze it and talk to the Lord as if He is sitting with them. This has been going on for over thirty years, and it seems God has no intentions of allowing it to stop anytime soon.

We tell the baby Jesus story many ways this time of year, but let’s do more than tell it, let’s live it as if it just happened and bow before the Lord and without words, just groan praise and adoration to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords…He loves little children.

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