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Lanis Johnson

Married 42.7 years, three siblings, one granddaughter. A teacher off/on for over 40+ years. Retired, and a blogger on the web, myspace, as God gives the enlightenment. Member of TPC, Memphis, Tn. Pastor Terry Black.


22 year old mother wrote her own martyrdom

By Lanis Johnson / last month

This is a writing of Quintus Tertullian pertaining to eyewitness accounts of Christians being persecuted for their love of God. These words seem so visual that, one must be prepared to suffer emotions of deep depths and soaring heights! I can only hope in Christ I am found as faithful as Perpetua, 22 yr. old […]


Let’s Be Babies Again

By Lanis Johnson / 6 months ago

Let’s Be Babies Again A new baby was born to the household. It had been almost thirteen years since that had happened. As the baby was brought home and placed in its bassinet, Bess made an immediate request. The parents were apprehensive to leave Bess alone with her little sister, Bess was a gifted child […]


A Prayer From Hell

By Lanis Johnson / last year

A Prayer From Hell Let’s consider for a moment the prayer of the rich man asking Abraham to allow the beggar Lazarus to touch his finger in water and cool his scorching tongue. It seems to be in that predicament, one would really be asking more than a touch of water. Then, I realize; there […]


We Are The Peace-Makers

By Lanis Johnson / 3 years ago

We are the peace-makers We are the dreamers of dreams Walking on lively sea-breakers Sitting by flowing, living streams. World-movers and world-forsakers On whom the crystal Light gleams Yet we are the movers and shakers Of an ending world, it seems. With wonderful, meaningful ditties And out of a fabulous story We wake up the […]


Sounds of Life

By Lanis Johnson / 4 years ago

What was he doing, our great Gods plan? With the sound of a great mighty wind He gives life an eternal meaning for man Sweeping, washing away his sin. Staves of acclamation resound! From the recesses of the heart! With accentual stress of sounds Rhythm abounds, setting us apart. Life’s sound is a path with […]