Keep The Blood Flowing…


Keep The Blood Flowing…

Last year, through our insurance, we joined a fitness club FREE.  Unfortunately, we never got started, because my husband had to have some surgery, and couldn’t do any exercising for a little while.  We finally put a freeze on the membership, because we were not using it.

The day after New Years, I was at work.  It was not my best day.  “Arthur” was really pestering me.  I had pain in my hands, my arm, my knees.  I was one big pain!   But I decided it wouldn’t help if I just went home and laid down or sat some more.

So I called my husband and told him to have his tennis shoes on when I got home from work.  As soon as I changed my clothes, we would go to the fitness club and get our membership renewed.  I just really felt if we didn’t start then, we wouldn’t start at all.

We went – got signed up – made a couple appointments with a personal trainer for next week, and walked on the treadmill for 15 minutes!   I really did feel better when I got off the treadmill than when I got on it.  The blood was circulating much better and I got some exercise that was long overdue.

Just thinking about this, makes me think of the spiritual side of life that we neglect so many times.  It’s so much easier to just take life as it comes and not put any effort into our spiritual exercise of prayer, reading the Bible and doing what the Lord wants us to do.  That takes a lot of effort!  We become spiritually fat and lazy, and as a result, we suffer spiritual diseases and pain – lack of contentment – become disgruntled – critical.  The blood ceases to flow freely, and our spiritual arteries become clogged with bad attitudes and other sins.

If we will decide – at the beginning of this, a New Year, to force ourselves to exercise our spiritual being, what a difference it would make.  We would rid ourselves of ‘excess weight’, and would not be so susceptible to the diseases that cause us to die spiritually.  The blood of Jesus would begin to flow through our lives.  We would be stronger, and our joy would be renewed.

Now is the time to get started.  Don’t put off until tomorrow, what you know you need to do today!

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