Jesus Comes In All Sizes

Jesus comes in all sizes

Jesus Comes In All Sizes

Jesus comes in all sizes…
He cloaks us in love
and He fits like a glove.

When you wash yourself that
cloak never shrinks cause if it
did…what would others think.

We don’t need any fabric softener
to make us feel great, we wear Him
in gratitude that rids us of hate.

Its better than dead carcasses which
some people call mink and the linen we’re
clothed with doesn’t decay, rot or stink.

You don’t have to worry if the wrinkles
are all out…for each one is handled
preciously, which there is no doubt!

He’s all for one and
One for all, Whether we’re
large, medium or small.

No dry cleaners are needed today.
He’s just waiting patiently,
but please don’t delay!

He’s non-toxic and environmentally safe.
He doesn’t use chemicals to dry out our skin,
cause my man Jesus is the same now as then.

He’s the only cleaner who can remove all
the stains, all other brands tell us to
just shout it out…but they still remain.

You don’t need bleach to whiten
your clothes, cause Jesus can
make them all white as snow!

The price of the cleaning tells us
its already been paid, so what better
service do we want in these days?

Why do people seem so utterly stunned
and surprised…I think they’ve
forgotten He comes in their size!

CR/ by Della Joyce Baird Moses

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