The Battles Isn’t Mine

The Battles Isn't Mine

The Battles Isn’t Mine

David was the youngest son of Jesse. He was a young shepherd’s boy, working to taking care of the sheep in the fields, and making sure the wolves and other kinds of predators wouldn’t harm the sheep.

The definition of a shepherd is a person who tends sheep (Merriam-Webster). The Israelites were facing the army of the Philistines. Every day, David had to bring food to his older brothers who were in a battle with the Philistines. David heard one day about the Philistine’s champion.

Goliath stood tall, his height was nine feet and six and a half inches. One day David hears Goliath make an offer to Saul. David begs and pleads with the king to let him fight against the giant. Saul is hesitant and uncertain at first and tells him he was a youth and that Goliath was a man of war.

But he says it’s all right for David to fight against the giant. Saul put his armor on David. David reaches in the brook, grabs five smooth stones and he puts them in his shepherd’s bag and the scrip, and his sling in his hand.

David kills Goliath with a stone that landed on his forehead. All the armies of the Philistines fled in a hurry after they all see that Goliath is dead on the ground. David cuts the head of Goliath off and strips him of his armor.

David places the armor in his tent, and goes to Saul and brings the head of the giant to him. “And Saul said to him, whose son art thou, thou young man? And David answered I am the son of thy servant Jesse the Bethlehemite”  (I Samuel 17:58 KJV).

We all face giants in our everyday lives. The giant that we’re facing may be past disappointments, money problems, or troubled relationships. When we are facing all those problems we need to give them to the Lord. The battles aren’t ours! He will someway work it out for us. He will give us the victory to overcome the giants in our lives.

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