It’s a heart thing

heart thing

It’s a heart thing

All power of God worked in our lives comes from the enactment of faith, and yet no matter the amount of faith one has, it must flow the same as God’s will. While we have the power to move mountains, we must remember that sometimes God put the mountain there for a reason! So if the mountain is not moving when you speak to it, then begin to try and find out why the mountain is there. Sometimes God has a reason to not heal or to not answer certain prayers. Maybe God has it there to teach or strengthen us so that we can be made ready for his plan to be fulfilled for us in our lives. “For I know the thoughts I have toward you”
Who can know the mind of God? His ways are not our ways.

Job’s mountain didn’t move for him, and yet Job had enough of God in the heart that when the mind screamed to let go of what he had, he was able to say
“The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, but Blessed be the Name of the Lord”

We have the knowledge of God, but sometimes God wants to test if its brain knowledge or heart knowledge.
Take the rich man who came to Jesus and asked how to have eternal life, Jesus quoted the commandments and the man said “Master I know all this, I have done it from my youth” and then Jesus instructed him to go sell everything he had and give it to the poor, and the man walked away sorrowful.
The rich man had knowledge of God, he could look the part, he could go through the motions but it never got beyond the surface and found a resting place in his heart.

So did God give us the power to heal, to rebuke sin? To fight spirits of darkness and pray for miracles into existence? Yes!
But yet the Apostle Paul prayed, preached, and still was stoned and imprisoned

So when you pray for the healing and it doesn’t come, don’t walk away discouraged and wondering if you didn’t have enough faith to bring about the power of God.
All God told us to do was speak it, and lay hands, and pray. Whether or not he does it is up to him! We are merely conduits for his power to work through should he so choose.

Sometimes we pray for people and feel the power of God but don’t see the change in their lives. This is no fault of ours, we did our part. But remember there may be reasons that we can’t see, for why God seemingly does not answer our prayer for them.

But we must also be careful of thinking the only way God answers is if its the answer we pray for. Sometimes God may say no, and we can think he didn’t answer our prayer because the answer was not what we wanted.
“For all things work together for the good”
At the moment we may not understand why the healing didn’t come, or the financial answer or etc… But down the road, we will see that God did indeed answer, but he had to bring us to that trial, to prepare us and equip us to handle where we are at now.
He is the Author and Finisher! The problem we have too many times is we try to take the pen out of his hands and try to author our own lives. And that’s usually when most of our trouble starts… if we can just learn to leave the pen in God’s hand…
“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you”

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