Is Your Nose Pressed Against the Window?

It was so funny, last night at Church! I had to start laughing and shame on me, but make a face. We were having an awesome move of God in service. I was standing up front playing the guitar and looked over to the side. My brother was in the fellowship hall doing children’s ministry, he had come to the door and was peaking in to see what was happening. All I could see was one eye and his nose.

I remembered back many years ago, now you can only do that when you get old. I was preaching a revival in a little town in Oregon. It was only for a weekend, so I had invited one of the young men from the church to accompany me so I didn’t have to travel alone. On Monday morning the pastor left early for work and we left to head home. We went to a little restaurant in town to have breakfast. We were seated right at the window, which looked out over the street. As we were setting there eating I looked over toward the street and much to my surprise there were three little boys standing there with their noses pressed against the window watching us eat. They were waiting for their school bus.

You can imagine how funny that looked! We started laughing and they start laughing as well. Last night I thought of them little boys when I saw the big boy looking through the door. It was as if his nose were pressed the glass and he was wishing he could have some too. If you know Tim you know that is exactly what he was wishing!

The Psalmist tells us, “Oh taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in Him.” Ps. 34:8

How many times have we stood back and watched others get blessed only to wonder how good it tastes! How often have we looked in, with our noses pressed against the window, wishing we could have some of that! All along each of us has the opportunity to “taste and see” for ourselves. We don’t have to be the spectator; we can be a participator in everything God offers to the believer.

I observed last night as different ones would plunge their dipper into the “well of living water” and take a taste. I watched as the “well of living water” began to bubble up within them and the blessings began to purge away the pressure of the week. I watched as some were healed, just as a result of worship. I watch others as the weariness of life was washed from their faces. Some wept with relief, whiles others responded with jubilation. They “tasted” and found for themselves the Lord is good. There is a special blessing when we realize we can place our trust in the Lord!

Let me encourage you to step back from the window and come on in! Pull up a seat and place your trust in God, you will find out He is GOOD!

Just a thought!

God Bless


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