The Power of ice


The Power of Ice

I was thinking today about ice, weird, I know! I was actually thinking of the power of ice…a glacier moves down a mountain side and it shapes the country with its’ power! Think for a second about a single ice cube, put just a couple of them in a warm drink and they will cool it down in a short amount of time. The Titanic was sunk by a mere iceberg, I know it was not a small one, but it was ice that brought that “glorious” ship to its’ demise! It was said of the Titanic that it was unsinkable…well because of someones’ pride many lost their life’s that fateful night! Black ice can be very scary too, I remember living in just never knew when you might hit that ice, and when you did it could cause you to lose control of your vehicle… Sometimes in the life of a christian it can seem like we hit a patch of black ice in the spirit, you are just cruising along then all of a sudden it can seem like you have lost control of everything in your life, just when you thought things were going your way, all seems lost…you just have to make up your mind to hold on, and to chose you this day whom you will serve…eventually you gain control of your vehicle and although you are scared, you have control of your car again! The same goes in the spirit, I think sometimes God will put that “black ice” there so He can show us that the control of our life’s MUST be in His hands!! Our life’s right now seem this way, but we are trusting Him, He is trying to show us something! I love the song, “Jesus take the wheel” because the lyrics are very revealing, we take control many times of things we should not….God CAN be trusted, He won’t let us down!! We can get prideful like the makers of the Titanic, we can think we are unsinkable, but nothing is! No christian can make it alone, we need each other! Like a single ice cube, get together with a couple more, you can truly make a difference! Even more awesome is the power of a church! Apostolics need to unite and put aside any “small” differences, because like the power of a glacier, when we get together we can change the look of our country!!!!!!!!!
I love y’all….


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