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Just so you’ll know, I work a secular job in a secular world. There, I said it. It’s all out in the open. I have always been an idealist of sorts. I tend to see good where no good exists, only to be disillusioned by the reality of life. At least I did when I was a younger person.

And I also thought that everyone went into my profession for the same reasons that I did. HELLO??? I can now attribute these thoughts of mine to flashbacks from my youthful days as a blond. (I was blond as a child, ok)

There was this nice lady that I used to see at work sometimes, my how sweet she was, always smiling and friendly. Just seeing her made me happy. Then I started working with her every day, and I saw something in her that was far from friendly, so I looked deeper at that smile and there was no real smile there at all.

It was after hearing her and really listening that I learned the most about this person’s character. I noticed that the smile was still there, pasted plasticly on her face with the red lipstick that often stained her perfect teeth as she spewed venom about everyone on the face of the earth.

And I also noticed that the more my intolerance of her continual nice-nasty behavior became apparent, the more that her intolerance of me became apparent also, to the point where she can now see me in the hallway and look at the wall until she gets past me. That’s kind of bad since we work in the same office, on the same team.

But that’s fine with me. At least I know where I stand. I certainly don’t want it to be thought that I accept gossip as long as it’s delivered with a smile.

My Pastor was talking Sunday night about another minister who has gone on to be with the Lord. He was saying that one night he came in with a bucket of mud and preached on gossip. As he was preaching he threw hands full of black mud on the white wall behind him. He finally had someone come in and clean it up, but the thing was, after the mud was gone, the stains remained. He would never let them paint over the stains, choosing to leave them as a reminder of what gossip would do.

And so it goes, she continues on, continues being in the “know” gathering all the dirt about everyone she can. A wealth of information, I sometimes wonder what she knows about me. And all the time she is sharing the latest “buzz” around the building, she has no idea what stains she is leaving on her character, what trust that may have been that gets destroyed.

Lord help me to stay away from actions that muddy up my life, my mind, and my witness for You. When I walk down the hall I don’t want it to be said of me that although my surface may seem spotless, my soul is dingy and dirtied up by my own bad behavior. And help me to set an example of how we should act, and what we should do for those that we hear are hurt or suffering. Instead of adding to someone else’s pain or sorrow, let me be a light for You. Let me help them not hurt them. And let me help these that are slaves to this behavior overcome what ever it is that compels them to use others pain to lift themselves up.

Lord, help me to put my trust in You. When I see someone going down a wrong path, let me be driven to my knees in supplication for them. Let me bring my own problems to You for I know You are my closest Friend. I love You, and know Your Grace is sufficient.

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