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Don Doran

I am a 4th generation Pentecostal preacher. I have been in the ministry for 38 years. I have pastored for 25 years. Currently I am evangelizing. I am the founder of TEAM Ministries which means Together Experiencing Apostolic Ministry. I am married, 34 years, have three children and three grandsons. I live in Conway, AR. I believe it is the desire of God to heal the broken hearted, deliver the captive, open the eyes blinded by lifes issues & liberate those that have been bruised & do it today


Sight for Sore Eyes

By Don Doran / a few days ago

Sight for Sore Eyes When I was young I loved to spend time at my uncle’s house. They lived in the country and it was wonderful. We would drive home from town at night and someone would say, “See all of the deer?” I would look out into the dark fields and wonder where are […]


A Personal God In An Impersonal World

By Don Doran / last week

A Personal God In An Impersonal World A while back my wife went to the bank to make a deposit. The teller told her after she had waited in line for several minutes; you know you should use the ATM instead of taking our time. We had four different accounts at the bank that we […]


Smarter Than The Teacher?

By Don Doran / a couple of months ago

Smarter Than The Teacher? Good morning! I hope you enjoy your weekend and have a wonderful time worshiping the Lord tomorrow. Isn’t it amazing how wise the brilliant minds of the world seem to be? Yet when it comes to things that really matter they come up short. “I have more understanding than all my […]


Open My Eyes

By Don Doran / a few months ago

Open My Eyes We all have so many different purposes in life. Some want wealth and riches. Others want fame. Still, others just want to make it from one day to the next. I really enjoyed the purpose of life stated by the Psalmist. Ps 119:17-18 Deal bountifully with thy servant, that I may live, and keep […]


It’s All In How We View The Storm

By Don Doran / 6 months ago

We might all see the same thing but when we tell what we have seen there will be very few times that two stories are the same. We each view an incident from a different perspective. So is it with the storms of life! We each have a different perspective on each storm. It is […]


The Lion and the Wildebeest! Who Wins?

By Don Doran / 9 months ago

Have you ever felt just totally confused? I have! I didn’t know which way to turn or what to do. I call it being “befuddled!” I am not talking about physically not knowing which way to turn, although it could happen that way also. I am really talking about spiritually, mentally and emotionally being confused […]


KISS: Keep It Simply Simple

By Don Doran / a couple of years ago

KISS Good morning! Start your day with a praise to Him. In a sales class many years ago, the instructor told us to KISS! We were all a bit taken back until he explained it meant, Keep It Simply Simple! He went on to show us we sometimes make things a lot more complicated than […]


Our Life Preserver

By Don Doran / a couple of years ago

Our Life Preserver What do we do when we feel overwhelmed by it all? When what we are dealing with has become more than we can deal with, where do we go?  Who’s our life preserver? “They had almost consumed me upon earth; but I forsook not thy precepts. Quicken me after thy lovingkindness; so shall […]


Treat Me Like a Dog!

By Don Doran / a couple of years ago

I hope you are having a great day today! Do you have a dog? We do and one of the outstanding characteristics of a dog is their desire to please. When we come home from being gone for any length of time Molly is so happy to see us. She will bark a greeting, wag […]


You are in Good Company!

By Don Doran / 3 years ago

Good morning! It is a beautiful day to praise the Lord. Many times we seek instant gratification. We want results now! We are a microwave society and want all of our benefits right here and now. However, again, God does things differently than we do and He does it in His own time. Most of […]

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