Identity Theft


Have you been a victim of a true identity theft crime?

The devil will make his attempts, it’s just a matter of time.

He knows what you have, and will get his hands on whatever he can take.

So you better guard your true Identity and make no mistakes.

It says in the Bible, he comes to steal, kill and destroy.

He never discriminates, he’ll try with every man, woman, girl, and boy.

Its high time that as a Christian, you should know who you are.

So if the devil tries to steal your I.D. He does not get too far.

I know who I am, my I. D. says I’m redeemed and I’ve been bought with a price.

You better get to running devil, I’m not going to be fighting real nice.

My I. D. says I’m chosen by God, a Kings Kid and that makes me royal.

Looks like the only future for you devil, is that you are going to boil!

My I. D. says I can have peace with whatever troubles come my way.

I can ask God to restore it to me, any moment of the Day

My I.D. is Joy, the devil tries to steal that too.

But I found it can be restored, as I worship my way thru.

My I.D. is I’m Healed! Even though the Doctors tell me there is no cure.

I will stand on the promises in Gods word, of this you can be sure.

My I.D. is stamped with mercy which is holding hands with grace.

Tell the devil to back off, he is unauthorized in this place!

My I. D. is a Holy boldness to witness to whomever I come near.

If he tries to steal that, remind him that perfect loves cast out all fear.

My I. D. is to stand up for what is Holy! Pure! and Right!

His attempts to steal this are relentless…

Young people fight back with all your might!

Our true I. D. is precious, he will be after it all the time.

But you can plead the blood of Jesus, the devil cannot cross that line!

All Jesus needs is one moment, to restore your Identity and make it whole.

But ultimately it is up to you to fight and take back what the Devil stole.

To take what does not belong to him is this thief’s plan of attack

But in the name of Jesus, I’m going to take it back!

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