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Michelle Dobernic

My name is Michelle, Im 34 years old. Go to Peace Tabernacle, the most awesome church in Hillsboro, MO. My pastor is Bro Tim Theissen. I teach Sunday School for the Primaries since 1998. Wrote very bad poems in school for a long time..till my Mom said "Michelle cant you please just write something nice for once" LOL Ive been writing poems and other things for quite sometime now, and with Gods help they have been much nicer than my High School years...


Identity Theft

By Michelle Dobernic / a couple of years ago

  Have you been a victim of a true identity theft crime? The devil will make his attempts, it’s just a matter of time. He knows what you have, and will get his hands on whatever he can take. So you better guard your true Identity and make no mistakes. It says in the Bible, […]