Sending my Love a Valentine

Sending my Love a Valentine

Sending my Love a Valentine

I know the roots of this Valentines holiday leave much to be desired, but I just want to focus on the love part for a second. I am a card maker, and I just love creating one of a kind cards for those I love! I enjoy seeing the receivers face when they open it. So this holiday is a fun one for me; I get to make mushy love cards galore!  The key is I make them out of the love I have for that person.

Tell me what kind of Valentine card are we going to send Jesus?

I have three kids in school, so this week I have watched as they filled out the cute little cards for their friends. They were all very particular about what they chose for each friend…some said I like you, I think you are sweet, friends forever, and I love you (of course none of them used that one!) The point is there are all kinds of messages that come with these cards…what message are we sending Jesus? Will it be, I believe in you, or I love you? Many people buy their sweetie a present or at least a card, but today I am wondering if we do that for them, what should we do for the love of our life, Jesus? The only thing He wants this Valentines Day is our whole life & heart; it isn’t much of a sacrifice for the lover of your soul…

I love y’all…


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