Yet I thought I’d never see another
’til the world’s end.
But somewhere someone knew;
Rejoicing, praying, interceding for me.
Living in darkness,
yet dreading the night.

Tho’ the sun rises but once a day
the day may break

I dream, hope, desire
for that one unique break
when the scudding clouds scatter,
scurry as a fissure opens the sky.

A figure appears, glorious, aglow, golden sight,
‘midst a background of stark, living white.
The rustle of infinite wings whispers a prelude…
Then a shout, a trumpets commanding blare,
a voice reverberates through all space, all ages,
with a mighty marvelous name…


A bride in white, unwrinkled purity;
a blush, elation, she lifts her face, her arms…
She’s gone!

Roger Potts


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About the author

Roger Potts

Raised in Sweet Home, OR, where I lived until I was 18. Joined the Marine Corps December, 1974. Shortly after my youngest son was born, I enlisted in the Army Reserve (1985). I was a cook and NCOIC of food service with a hospital unit that was activated for Desert Shield/Storm. I've now live in Corvallis, OR.

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