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Roger Potts

Raised in Sweet Home, OR, where I lived until I was 18. Joined the Marine Corps December, 1974. Shortly after my youngest son was born, I enlisted in the Army Reserve (1985). I was a cook and NCOIC of food service with a hospital unit that was activated for Desert Shield/Storm. I've now live in Corvallis, OR.


Remember Who You Are

By Roger Potts / last month

Remember Who You Are When everything seems to go wrong, You’re feeling downhearted and full of gloom. It’s time to remember who you are. A child of the Master, the bride of the Groom. Is everyone against you, or seem to be. You maybe don’t know just what you’ve done wrong. It’s time to remember […]


Lifted Up

By Roger Potts / 10 months ago

Lifted Up Feeling discouraged and blue, can’t get up on my own. Then I remember to pray, to praise; the darkness leaves as light enters my mind and soul. God’s spirit finds its way into my heart, and gladness, joy take control. Musical laughter in my life, as angels rejoice for the renewing received. God […]



By Roger Potts / last year

Daybreak Daybreak! Again! Yet I thought I’d never see another ’til the world’s end. But somewhere someone knew; Rejoicing, praying, interceding for me. Living in darkness, yet dreading the night. Tho’ the sun rises but once a day the day may break twice. I dream, hope, desire for that one unique break when the scudding […]


It Does Matter

By Roger Potts / a couple of years ago

It Does Matter You thought it didn’t matter how you lived your life. You thought no one would see, or they wouldn’t care. But it does make a difference, in how you live, for God sees and knows all that we ever did. You thought you’d always have time, that God would surely wait. You […]