Consider Your Ways

Consider Your Ways

It can happen to anyone. That burning desire, that drive, that passion that was once consuming can wain in the face of the adversary, can dull with the humdrum of everyday life.

Have you ever suddenly realized that you have nothing left but some ashes from what once was the focus of your energy?

For 16 years the remnant that first returned from the Babylonian captivity forgot their zeal to rebuild the house of God. When the Samaritans came on the scene to mock and oppose their goal, they threw their hands in the air and said, “What’s the use?” leaving only the foundation completed.

And while God’s house lay in waste, they proceeded to build their own houses, pursue their own interests, and forget their commitment to God.

But, God did not forget. “Consider your ways,” He implored.

He said through the prophet Haggai (1:6-11), “You wonder why you have lost your blessings, why nothing you do will prosper? You have become self-serving!”

There have been times when I have found myself in this situation. Things don’t move as fast as I would like, or someone says something to discourage me, and I realize one day that I have let myself down, and, more importantly, I have let God down.

After Haggai spoke the people responded and obeyed. They committed themselves to rebuilding the House of the Lord.

And when they responded, God responded to their obedience by promising to be with them.

Today, I am responding to Him. I know I have been complacent in some things, perhaps letting the discouragement of things not happening in my time draw me into a relaxed attitude about something I should always have passion about.

I have considered my ways, God. I know that there are areas that I have become slack in. But I am ready to work today, I am ready to roll up my sleeves and put my shoulder into the task at hand. I want to see a work done for You, I want to see souls won, lives changed! I’m ready, I’m willing, and able, with Your help, to get busy!!

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