Remembering The Miracle

remembering the miracle

I hope no one will mind as I indulge myself in a little reflective thought tonight.

When I was but a young lass I longed for a wee little baby of my own…

I had been blessed with my daughter who was an absolutely perfect little wonder!! But, still, I wanted a son.

I went to the doctor thinking I was pregnant, only to find out that I was not, and probably could not be. That 30-minute drive from the doctor’s office was one of the longest of my life. I remember gripping the wheel and begging God, “Please, just one more, just one more.”

One month later I woke up on my desk at work and thought *somethings not right here.* A little test confirmed once again that He answers prayers.

I think as parents we tend to forget as the years pass by exactly what a miracle our children really are. When they are first born the miracle is so apparent, but time gets in between the miracle and the moment and we lose sight of how precious our children are.

My baby boy turned 18 today. I can hardly believe it. I will never forget the moment I first saw him. He was so tiny and so perfect. I was afraid the whole time I carried him that he wouldn’t make it, but make it he did.

He is the son of my prayers so long ago. The prayers of a young mother desperate for *just one more.* He is also the reason I serve Him today, the reason this backslider came back home. God in His mercy used my child to reach me. And that day I returned my son to the One who gave me my miracle.

I have laid him at the altar so many times, and I will continue to do so, no matter the years that pass, for I never want to forget my very own miracle, just as I never want to lose sight of the Miracle Maker.

So to my baby, *yes, you and your sister will always be my babies* I am so blessed. I don’t know what I did to deserve you both. You have given me so much joy. There is not much better in life than laughing with you. You are so strong and even though you have only had 18 years of living *you have the brain of a 100-year-old man!* I am so very proud of you, of who you are and what you stand for. I cannot wait to see the beautiful life ahead of you begin to unfold!! And to be able to hold your babies someday, and to see my big grown man hold his own miracle for the first time, well that will be the best of the best. I love you so so much!!!

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