Computer Lingo

computer lingo

So, I’m sitting here with this supposedly high-speed DSL…waiting for the page to reload. It can get rather irritating as I’m sure some of you will agree. In this “instant” world we live in we want everything at the drop of a hat…all the way down to the Internet.

While I’m waiting, I recall a thought that I woke up with in the early hours of this morning. Maybe it was because I was up on the computer until late last night; however, the computer lingo “refresh” popped into my mind and I’ve been thinking upon it.

I use this button online quite often to reload the page to see if anything has changed since the previous time. This is really an effective tool when bidding for some item on eBay…especially when you get down to the last few seconds of the auction. The only problem may be a hangup in the system that makes your refreshing process hang up for a few moments and those can be very precious when all you have are seconds.

My mind goes to the scripture, “…they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength…” – to me, that is the Bible’s “refresh” button. Amazingly enough, even God’s refresh button has a waiting process involved! It’s not DSL, but I seem to recall the saying about patience being a virtue. We must wait upon the Lord…in His time He makes all things beautiful.

So, hit that button and stand by…it will refresh, you will be refreshed…right on time.

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