I ran away!

I ran away

             Have you ever run away? I thought about it once or twice as a child. The thought of the dark and, no supper, always propelled me back to the house. I am a middle child, of 5 siblings, and a mother of one. As I am sure you can tell I write about personal life experiences in my articles, and of late I have been in battle and also been disciplined.

             I have had an ongoing situation that has stripped me, almost robbed me blind. I got to the point; I felt I could not hear God or myself. So in a blazing moment of stupidity, I ran, I didn’t even pray about it. It was the middle of the night and I hoped in my car, with a little forethought and I hit the road, except for one call to my baby is to let her know I was headed to Georgia, and no, I do not have a cell phone. I have a 2002 Ford focus with balding tires and the engine light stays on, with an expired inspection sticker, that does not pass, due to something called an oxygen sensor. When I was younger, I loved to travel, on weekend road trips, I always think; these trips are the most fun with the air of the unexpected. Well, there was a lot of unexpected that might happen, but it did not, My brother in law and sister covered me in prayer and I felt it all the way there, to Georgia, I traveled at night, so I saw absolutely nothing, till I hit Athens. It is a small beautiful historical town with big beautiful homes, and I drove around for two hours, and could not find my turn. I was lost! Feeling lost is exactly what made me run away, in the first place and here I traveled six and half hours to drive in circles being lost yet again, which was a metaphor, to my home life, as I was lost and going in circles there with no direction.

            So I stopped to ask directions, and no mapquest does not always give accurate directions, hence my dilemma. I found my encounter to be amusing, because the young man I asked directions from, lives in Athens, works there, and was just as lost as I was, so I traveled, then I came upon two cops, and I asked them for directions, did I think about that inspection sticker? Nope, and Praise God, they did not see it either. Whew!

            I had gone in the wrong direction for 36 miles and would have to backtrack. I hate backtracking. It requires going over territory already covered. Since I was backtracking literally on the road, I started to backtrack my memories, maybe by visualizing past events, I could figure out where I had gone wrong in my present crisis, and find an answer to my deliverance for my self and family. My memories caused me pain to dredge up, and after each one, I thanked Jesus for delivering me of each one and the tears began to fall! I felt so humbled by what Jesus did for me, out of love. Jesus died so I could live, have salvation and call heaven my home. I recently heard that when we are at our weakest, that is when we are our strongest and it allows God to work effectively in our lives in our areas of need. So I prayed and asked God to help me, I was lost, I needed direction, intervention, intercession, and a good strategist, and I needed to find my way.

Jesus is my guide, my lookout, and in him, I will trust. Then I finally saw my turn and I was soon at my baby sis house, safe and sound against all odds. As I exited the car, I stopped to wonder if sometimes God allows us to get lost, so that we will turn more to him, to find our way home.  Just a thought.


God Bless!


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