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Stephanie Hardesty (Steffanie H. Russ)

I love to write short devotionals that God reveals to me through everyday life and situations, through children and animals, or through nature itself. God speaks to us daily and I want to put the wonderful things He brings to my mind on paper to share with others. It might be something quite common; however, sometimes God reveals a lesson to me in a totally unique way.


Kisser or Hugger?

By Stephanie Hardesty (Steffanie H. Russ) / 7 months ago

Kisser or Hugger? I’m sure you’ve heard or read the story of Ruth and her daughters-in-law before and I won’t revisit it in its entirety; however, I want to focus on one part. Ruth 1:14, “…Orpah kissed her mother-in-law good-bye, but Ruth embraced her and held on.” (MSG version) The question I want to ask […]


Computer Lingo

By Stephanie Hardesty (Steffanie H. Russ) / 10 months ago

So, I’m sitting here with this supposedly high-speed DSL…waiting for the page to reload. It can get rather irritating as I’m sure some of you will agree. In this “instant” world we live in we want everything at the drop of a hat…all the way down to the Internet. While I’m waiting, I recall a […]