Let Go And Let God

let go and let god

I am a take-charge person.  If you put me in any group, after about 2 minutes of pleasantries and indecisiveness, I take charge and usually emerge as the group leader.  It’s not that I have to be the head of everything or even want the role but someone has to guide the group, so I take charge.  My self-analysis has brought me to the conclusion that I suffer from “Oldest Child Syndrome.”  I was conditioned from early childhood to lead, protect and help solve the “problems” of my siblings; it’s not my fault!!! Contrary to the belief of most followers, taking charge does not bring honor and accolades but leads to behind-the-back sniping and a lot of hard work.  I will never forget how surprised and actually hurt I was the first time I was told that I intimidate people.  More self-analysis; I love people but I believe that sympathy for your victimization is only to validate the event, and then it is time to find a solution.  I am always available to help you find the solution, but if you want to keep singing the “Somebody Done Me Wrong” song, I will move on to the next hurting person.

Now that you understand how this crazy mind works, is it any wonder that God waits until 3:00 in the morning to talk to me?  God is all-knowing, so he knows that is the only time I’m quiet enough to listen and too tired to argue.  This morning I was snuggled in my Select-comfort bed, dialed at 40, cuddling my memory foam pillow, when God interrupted my dreams with the words, LET GO AND LET GOD.  Forget sleeping, God had my attention.

This was not one of those cryptic messages that require days of prayer and fasting to solve.  I understood God’s instructions immediately. Steve and I have been praying, fasting, discussing, asking, pleading; ok you get the picture, for months regarding an area of our life.  We have “given it to God,” or so we thought.  Just about the time we had it all figured out, it seemed a road block or a curve ball would suddenly appear from nowhere.  As soon as we came to the road block, we would pick up the problem and carry it back to God.  The prayer, fasting and pleading were repeated until we “gave it back to God” and continued on our way.  This morning, God decided to TAKE CHARGE and give me the solution; LET GO AND LET GOD.

When David faced Goliath, the solution was in his hand.  He had a sling and five stones, however, it was not until he let go of the stone and let God direct it, that the problem was solved.  The lesson which God keeps teaching me over and over again is if I want to solve my own problems, He will let me!!! When I finally realize that my solutions aren’t working out so well and I get tired of whining, God takes charge.

If you are facing a giant in your life, STOP, for just a minute.  LOOK at what God has placed in your hand; LISTEN to what God is telling you, then LET GO AND LET GOD.  Your aim may not be accurate and you may not have the power to throw very far, but God will guide the stone to the bull’s eye, if you will let go.

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