Why be happy with fence riding?

Fence Riding

We just finished up with camp meeting and the theme was definitely…”Being Proud to be Apostolic”. But the question is..are we? Someone who is proud walks with their heads up…not prideful..just knowing who they are and being happy with that!
We need to be very careful not to lose our apostolic identity! Things are slipping before our eyes, and I’m wondering are we just gonna sit on the fence or are we gonna stand up and fight?
I often wish Jesus would just open our understanding for one second, so we could really see who we are…our lives would never be the same again, we would rock this world and turn it upside down…
Last night Brother Davis said; “Christians aren’t supposed to mirror the culture they live in!” So, I leave you with this; get off the fence and start being a mirror image of Jesus so we can see this world saved before the trumpet sounds!


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