Are we the stained glass crowd?

One of my favorite songs talks about the church being too worried about appearances than the lost, and it is one of those songs that grieve my heart, because it is true many times!
Believe me I like clothes, shoes, purses as much as any other girl, but at what cost? I don’t want to pick and be choosy when it comes to sharing this beautiful truth, people DIE EVERYDAY…oh..everyday..a lot of times without Jesus!
Sometimes too when they do come in we decide after awhile we should “help” them along with stuff, yes I’m talking about standards! We really need to let God do the work, because I know in me He has done a perfect work (no I’m not saying I’m perfect…ha, right!) He is perfect, and when He allows the holiness to grow in a new babe, the beauty just shines through!
I feel like the church should present themselves in a good way, but I just don’t think we should think we are great, or better, because God has blessed us with the truth! I really, with all within me, do not want to be counted among the stain glass crowd, not if it means excluding anyone! I remember when I was in school, especially Middle school, I really wanted to fit into the “in” crowd, but I never did, I was always an outsider looking in, well now I’m a insider looking out and I really don’t want anyone to feel like an outsider in my company, unless they are convicted to get saved! Please remember today before you turn away from that person, remember our Jesus hung out with sinners and the “least desired” in the community!
Have a great day…I love y’all…

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