Be Still And Know


I am having a hard time slowing down my mind. Possibilities both good and bad seem to forever be swishing around in my brain. Someone told me that I shouldn’t worry about what is going to happen, I should just wait and see.

That sounds good in theory, but when life waits with you it makes it so much easier for you to wait, too. If I have learned one thing about life it is that it waits for no one, and that includes me. My life changes at a breakneck speed, on most occasions, and catches me staggering around with my swishing thoughts trying to figure out what happened.

Adding to this mayhem is the fact that I have had to make decisions and handle situations that overwhelm me, to say the least. So as I have been running around helter-skelter trying, most of the time, in vain to pretend I have some semblance of a normal life what ends up happening is I am spinning my wheels in the quagmire of life, getting nowhere, but managing to stick myself in some pretty deep ruts.

It is from one of these said *ruts* I write. And at this point, I would like nothing better than to stick my head in the mud surrounding me and pretend that all is right with my world.

There is an old song that says “If He could carry the weight of the world upon His shoulders, I know my brother that He can carry you.” And that rational part of me knows all too well that He is capable carrying me and more since I have never seen him let me down.

So today, for a little while, I’m putting out all my irons in all my fires, and I’m going to be still in His presence. I am so weary, and I don’t need to hear any advice or well-meaning platitudes today, I don’t need to hear how I need to slow down since I know that already.

I just need to hear His voice, reminding me He has it all under His control and I can let go and let Him take over, let Him comfort me.

Today I’m going to be still, so look out world, for now, just keep on spinning. I’m sitting this ride out.

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