The Greatest Miracle I Know


We carry the stones of rejection,
Worn from the cares of this life.
Rocks in a bag; they’re so heavy they drag:
They breed in our anger and strife.

There are boulders of shame and of envy,
Embarrassing times that we’ve had.
And often enough; the burdens too tough:
We think that we’ve got it too bad.

There are pebbles of guilt and depression,
And the sand of paralyzed fear.
But each little grain; is filled with disdain:
We can’t even look in the mirror.

We’re weighed down with past disappointments,
We’ve been wronged and we know it’s a fact.
So our bag fills with litter; causing us to be bitter:
Explaining the way that we act.

Desperate to empty the load that is ours,
For we’ve constantly shouldered the past.
And though we have tried; to rid what’s inside:
It seems as though nothing will last.

And we know that we hurt those around us,
When the rocks in our bag they don’t stay.
Cuz we stand all alone, and throw stone after stone:
And drive all our loved ones away.

But God says that His yoke is easy,
And truly His burden is light.
If we will just yearn; to come and to learn:
We’ll find rest and we’ll give up the fight.

For the only hope of tomorrow,
Is to forgive what has happened today.
And we’ll feel less harried; by the load that we’ve carried:
I know God will show us the way.

And all that we need to let go of our bag,
Is faith in the sacrificed lamb.
If we will just trust; that God’s always just;
When we let go, then He’ll take our hand.

See, it is so hard to keep throwing these stones,
When God gave up His life for this cost.
So, look down by the tree; and the bundle you see:
Is my bag at the foot of the cross.

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