How Do You Say It Is Well?


How do you say, “It is well!” when all you have dreamed and lived for lies dead on a prophets bed? How do you say, “It is well!” when your heart is broken into a million pieces and there seems to be no tomorrow?

You can only say, “It is well!” when on the outside looking in there is no hope, but in you heart you have decided you are OK with whatever God decides to do. If He raises you dreams from the dead and restores them to you, you are OK with that. If He leaves your dreams laying on the bed, you are OK with that. You have given them back to God and it is well!

But know, in these times it is still your privilege to take your burden to God and fall at His feet. It is all right to say, “God I don’t understand why this is!” Don’t feel bad for the tears that flow… don’t be condemned because of the questions you might have…when you have said in your heart, “It is well!”

God Bless! It’s Just a thought…


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