Just One

just one

As I walked through the dark streets of Jerusalem, I saw a Mighty Light emanating brightly from a small stable room.

Crossing over the narrow cobbled stoned street, I leaned over on the window sill to just quickly take a little peek.

The room was lit by a warm embracing glow, that beacon for me to come in and sit on a mat of straw that was really low.

When I sat down near that rough-hewn little manger, I looked into The Eyes of an Ancient One Who was Not a Stranger.

The Little Fella looked up at me with eyes that seemed to sigh, that He was my Redeemer & God Almighty who for me would one day die.

I knelt before This King of Kings and my ears began to hear mocking, laughing, scourging and the sounds of Him dragging a Cross for Him to bear.

I saw the spikes that were nailed into His hands and feet, Blood & Water poured from a wound, His side torn & some said it was defeat.

I shook my head trying to clear my mind of all the hate I’d seen, I looked again at this precious child & wondered where I’d been.

How could such a little child stir so much hate and anger, when all He was really doing was just lying in a little wooden manger.

I felt His Spirit touch my soul and all at once A Voice gently spoke.“I’ve come to remove all sins, I’m a Living Sacrifice.

I give Myself to all mankind and ask you to become My Kinfolk.”Well, you can’t imagine how my heart skipped a beat, excitement filling my being.

For no one else ever wanted me and it felt wonderful what I was hearing and seeing.Me sitting at the foot of His Cross, His Blood flowing down upon me.

Cleansing and purifying as It poured, releasing the clutch of the world that to me had always been destroying.

The Messiah has come to this small little room for The Light is all around me,  but soon He will grow to manhood & Light the world with A Light that will surround thee.

Oh come all Ye Faithful, come see The Small Lad who’ll grow up to be Our Savior, if we’d only submit to Him, then He will remove our sinful behavior!

Let His Spirit rise within you, let His Spirit fill your cup, He will continually dwell inside you & never, ever give you up.

I knew right then that I’d seen The Everlasting Father, in those precious moment’s, realizing that I’d seen, My God face to face!

Just as the Prophet Isaiah had foretold, ”His Name shall be Called; Wonderful, Prince of Peace, The Mighty God & The Everlasting Father”.

How many fathers do I have, you ask? How many gods do I serve? Well, my child, sit down right here beside me & I’ll tell you, ”He’s The One”, my child, ”Just One”!

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