Oh, Death Angel Where Art Thou Now!

Death angel

Oh, Death Angel Where Art Thou Now!

Distraught by time, wind & rain,
Life had been sullen & full of pain.

Love has made my sorrows go away,
To God be the Glory & I’ll not stray!

The death angel bartered for my soul,
Never once did my life’s blood run cold.

Although he never tires to get his fill,
He ought to know by now My God is real!

He never cared if you were big or small,
Cause he thinks eventually he’ll get us all.

But we can stave off his nasty hunger,
By God’s Mighty Voice he hears it thunder.

God shouts and tells death to just stop,
Then death saunters off to hell… he drops.

He can’t touch a hair on our head,
Cause death is now the one who is dead!


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