The Cost of Love

The Cost of Love

The Cost of Love

Ask me and I’ll tell you what the price of love did cost.
For my Jesus paid in full so your souls would not be lost.

My heart has a rhythm that gently beats and pulsates.
My soul has a hunger for an eternal loving mate.

I was created for a world without anger or hate.
But as I can tell you that’s all I can relate.

The days go by that could chill you to the bone.
And I can’t wait till my Jesus calls me home.

There are many times old Satan just spits into my face.
Yet I’ll continue walking with my Savior and not give up the race.

Something he say’s will nearly cause your heart to burst.
And my Lord whispers gently to not cry when I am cursed.

I thank my Jesus for preparing me for the worst.
And His Shield of Armor is strong, yes….I’ll always puts Him first.

With all these rough times I’ve had to travel through the years.
Golly, you’d think I’d get used to crying all these tears!

The love God pours into me is the only love I’ve ever had.
And one thing is for sure with God…He never leaves you sad.

So the heart I have flows with the Holy Blood of Christ.
And the rhythm is the pounding of the nails…piercing with a price.



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