The Groom’s Name Is Jesus

Jesus Hug

The Groom’s Name Is Jesus

Why do you say I have forsaken thee
through all your troubles and strife,
when all along you wouldn’t listen
to me..yet knowing I gave you my life!

How many times have I approached you
and you’ve shrugged me off in disdain,
all you could’ve done was let me touch you
and I would’ve taken away all of your pain.

The wall of darkness surrounds you and
there’s not a crack to let in the Light.
Take heed of my Word..then sup with me
and I’ll show you my Godly might!

You say that you are my bride
but refuse to call me by name when
the time comes to draw you
nigh.. I too will do you the same!

I’ve whispered in your ear every day,
but I’m rebuked and sent away.
You refuse to let me live in your
house, so how am I supposed to stay?

Do you know my name, my love…
call me in everything you do,
for if you don’t I cannot hear and
what you say is passed off as untrue.

Lift up your veil and open your eyes
to the beast that can be tamed. There’s
nothing unusual about a groom who
likes to be called by His Name!

Listen to Me.. you must be bold
or I’ll never be able.. to carry you…
over My Holy Threshold!


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