Another Day

Another Day

Good morning. I have been ill for a few days but am now back in the land of the living.

Each morning on my bus route I get to enjoy the sun rise, that is about the only thing to enjoy that early in the morning. The bus is quiet. My assistants are catching last minute naps before they have to start attending children. I am usually fighting to wake up, myself. Yet I have found that this quiet time is a good time to meditate on the Lord. I don’t ask Him for anything but just take this time to think about Him and His goodness.

Recently, on one of those mornings I pulled up to a stop sign and right before me was one of the most beautiful sunrises I have witnessed in a long time. I thought someone should write a song about something so beautiful and spoke a word of praise for the beauty of God. These words began to come to me and I thought they might bless you as they have me every morning since then…

When the sun comes up in the east in the morning,
And spreads red and purple across the sky,
It brings to each of us this testimony,
It’s another day our Lord to magnify.

As I walk thru this valley so lonely,
Fighting for my very life.
I know victory is coming in the morning,
And another day our Lord to magnify.

Another day to praise the name of Jesus.
One more day to tell of His love and grace.
I will love Him worship and adore Him,
Another day our Lord to magnify.

“O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together.” Ps 34:3

Just a thought! God Bless…

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