Check the Madness

Check the Madness

If you listen to the topics of today it all spells doom, doom, and more doom.  The reason it spells it so loud and clear is because the evil that runs free on this Earth has made it where they are scared about everything.  I wrote this article Check the Madness because people need to be aware of what is going on in this country.  The bills that are currently underway have been pushed by our government that moves them into the position where they will be able to maintain control of the wordly churches and when they maintain the churches they will be coming for the real church next.

The madness is simple…its the fact that we as Apostolics are closing our eyes to this absolutely crazy system by thinking its all gonna be okay.  Even though we see all this perversion going on in this world we seem to think because we are who we are means not to speak up.  This is not true for all because there are a lot of us who are opening our mouths and putting ourselves out there to do our best to prepare for whats to come.  What’s coming?  What is coming is the churches that indoctrinate just about anything they wish into their churches they will cripple (not all but most) and move into the position of  gathering under the catholicism blanket and this will leave us the real church out.

Am I worried about that?  No I’m not worried about it because we belong to Jesus anyways not the catholic church but we need to keep our eyes open because the madness is that people are turning their eyes from the problems and singing louder and louder trying to drown out whats happening.  The answer is simple we need more prayer, worship, and always need to keep the message of the real gospel.  We will be persecuted but let us not back the madness but back the sanity and the sanity is that Jesus is coming soon and he will judge the nations.

Obama and others have emphatically insisted on numerous occasions that the churches that deny the government as their rulers are the problems.  This church will never do it so we might as well prepare ourselves but we need to check the madness and not be out for money, fame, or prestige.  We are the last hope for the souls who wish to escape hell.

The issue is simple its all about control and I can tell you now the government wants control of God’s church and he (JESUS) will fight for us but at the same time he expects us to allow him to move upon us and allow him to use us whenever he wishes to do so.  The time of things that block our way in our daily lives is over and its time to focus on everything that Jesus has done and has set for us to do.  Its all about him and his kingdom and he will provide for us.

In a world where madness obviously rules we have the sobriety and simplicity to offer people what these other churches deny which is power.  Power is what has always propelled the church.  Jesus is coming everybody he’s coming so let us be sober.

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