A Prayer From Hell

Pray for understanding

A Prayer From Hell

Let’s consider for a moment the prayer of the rich man asking Abraham to allow the beggar Lazarus to touch his finger in water and cool his scorching tongue. It seems to be in that predicament, one would really be asking more than a touch of water. Then, I realize; there is no spirit of prayer in hell. There is no consciousness of Jesus left to condemn; it has been decided for eternity. So, a touch of water is metaphorically the only need in hell. If that’s the case, we experience prayers from hell on earth and they may go like this:

Lord, thank you for this day you have made to rejoice in..[thinking] hmm, that green hard rock candy sure taste like the toilet cleaner my wife uses. Lord, I ask your blessings…[thinking] I wonder just how many people have lived on earth already and what is the ratio of saved against lost? Thank you, Lord, for what I feel…[thinking] well, I haven’t felt you just yet, but I am praying by faith it will be answered. Thank you, Jesus, Amen. We get up and go about our day thinking we prayed as instructed; everything is in order. Not so.

That is an equivalent to the prayer of the rich man in hell; no spiritual substance, or desire to feel God. If we had a desire, we would stay until it happens. Why must we settle for this? Is our Adamic nature too much in control we can’t reach God? Frankly, I am psycho-analyzing myself and in doing so, maybe millions of others. We are so guarded nowadays of becoming too regimental religious that we don’t maintain a standard time to go pray as SO many did in scripture. We are too busy making our way and we find it just as easy to make our way with God instead of letting him take control. Does any of this sound familiar? It has been on my mind lately, and I am doing something about it; but, guess what, there’s an enemy that’s to be loosed on earth for the final season that will attack you mercilessly!
My desire in this is to sound the warning, that, we need to let God have full control before we REALLY have more than we can handle.

The parable of the five foolish, five wise virgins is speaking to the church made up of those saved and filled with the Holy Ghost. Let us not be of the five foolish, we already have our warning.


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