When the Call Becomes Personal

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When the Call Becomes Personal

The Call of God.

It is one thing when your call is between you and God. When you have had a vision nameless faces and crowds of people without a knowing who they are.

But When the Call of Ministry has grown to where the people of which you are personally responsible for … you know them and they know your name.

I woke this morning hearing my name… or at least what I am called to Ministry…

“Bro Phillips… Bro. Phillips… Bro Phillips”

….it woke me up. I did not see anyone, but I knew the voice and the person it belonged to. The Bible Talks about the sheep knowing the voice of the Shepherd… but let me add, the Shepherd knows the voice of the Sheep.

I have to say there cannot be a more fulfilling purpose to which an individual can be involved in that ministry. I know there are other words that could be used to describe it at times…

Frustrating, disappointing, …. but with those words is the joy that is experienced.

I at times still have a hard time grasping my role and responsibility. Just seems like a little while ago I was just a praying young person.. a bible school student… young preacher… young pastor…

Today I am not as young as I once was. And with the process of time, I find myself with a new understanding.

God May Have Called Me. But today there are people with names that need me to function at the highest level of my calling and anointing.

With that understanding settling in on my mind… my prayer this morning is, “Lord Help Me Today.”

And the wonderful thing is… I know he will.

The joy of knowing that your calling and prophecies that have gone over your life are being fulfilled. When you no longer wonder what you will do for God, but you are in fact in the midst of your life’s purpose. There is a deep joy in knowing you are doing what you were created to do.

To not only answer the call of God… but to answer the call of the people you are responsible for.

Pretty Heavy and Awesome thought to ponder. Heavy because on our own we can do nothing, but if we are connected to him… He through us can be a blessing of unspeakable measure.

In Him, By Him, Through Him,

Scott… or for today

Bro. Phillips


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