What in the World is going on?

Courage to Speak...Courage to Hear

I asked myself this question recently while listening to the news on a local radio station. There were reports of wars, robberies, gay marriage, the presidential campaigns and high gas prices. I became frustrated with the lack of an explanation due to time restraints on the radio so I picked up my newspaper in hopes of a more in-depth article on a solution to these problems. I picked up the paper and saw a front-page article that read Lil Wayne outsells 50 Cent in CDs with a picture of Lil Wayne with no shirt on and draped on gold jewelry. I threw my paper down and walked away more frustrated than before. As I was becoming bitter about this issue I realized that it was not my concern. I am a part of a peculiar people who have come out from among them and my people are blessed that we are in revival. It seems to me that the bigger our revival gets the more problems that occur in the world. Is this satan trying to push back against us? If so then why should we be so concerned? Our God is victorious and has always been! The devil is defeated and knows so. My only concern is helping save those who are in a lost world. I am not in the world that I was frustrated about and thank God daily that I’m not.  Our only solution is to stay strong in the word of the Lord and not worry what’s going on in the world!

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