Watch Those Words!


Watch those words!

I have been thinking a lot about gossip…God hates it, but honestly, just about everyone has done it, or at least participated in it right?

There is a reason the Bible says there are life and death in the tongue, I have seen it in our ministry, words can do so much harm, but on the other hand, they can bring so much life too!

One of my favorite stories is the one where an elderly man gives a young man a basket full of feathers and tells him to take it to the tallest building in the city and dump out the feathers. After the young man was done he returned to the elderly man and told him he had done as he was told, then the older man told him to go around the city and collect all the feathers, the young man then told him that it was impossible to do that! The older man than let him know that is how gossip is, you came never get all your words you say back!!
We must be careful to watch ourselves when we speak about others…God is the only one who gets His words back! Think about it, He said His word would not return to Him void…


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