No Regrets

No Regrets

No Regrets

We all have been injured by someone’s cruel words. Down deep in the heart is where the harsh words remain, and will eventually come out. Many times someone’s cruel words can and will linger in our minds. We will rehearse it in our minds over and over again.

An old cliché ‘’ we can’t stop a bird from flying over our heads but we can stop him from building a nest. ” A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good, and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart, his mouth speaketh ‘’. (Luke 6:45 KJV)

We will never change people how and what they say to us. No matter what they may have done to us. Only the LORD can touch the heart of all mankind. We can’t change people; the bottom line is that we all have adversaries. We have to get in our minds that everyone has some kind of confusion and troubles in their lives. Everybody has some kind of burden to bear.

Living for the Lord helps us deal and cope with those kinds of people in our lives. We should join together with friends that can relate to us. Friends that are a lifter of our soul, a person we can escape from the hard knocks that life can bring to us all. The LORD has placed in my life so many close friends. Many of them are just as my family.

We should tell our friends what they mean to us. Never put off tomorrow what we all can do today. On Monday, this past February 4th, it marked twenty years since my Daddy passed away. Suddenly he was taken from this life. He was noted by the community by the good deeds he did for the widows in the community, the less fortunate, and especially the young children and young people that lost their Dad at a young age.

He made a commitment to be a part of their lives. I have no regrets, no guilt, and no shame that could have plague my mind. Always do the best for our families, our friends, and our co-workers, the Lord will bless you always. Stay Strong and hang in there friends.


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