The Talents


The Talents

Use the gifts God gives you,
They’re not hidden by disguise.
For when you’re old; life can be bold:
Hidden talents are not wise.

And you can’t turn the clock back,
Because nature has its laws.
Don’t trash the tool; find you’re the fool:
You’ve lived without a cause.

When a man receives a talent,
Satan tries to keep him bound.
While the adversary; tries to bury:
His talent in the ground.

So when you find your talent,
Do your best to let it shine.
Let the inner man; do all he can:
To show off Gods design.

And please don’t be discouraged,
And judge your talent by its size.
Don’t be deceived; think you’ve received:
A gift to be despised.

And while some look at their gift,
And think it won’t be good enough.
If they give it time; they just might find:
A diamond in he rough.


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