Hide and Seek

It was so great when you found everyone then your team won! I wonder how many times God has to play hide and seek with us just to find us? The first game of Hide and seek was played in the garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, He had to find them after they had sinned, they hid from God! I know He didn’t really have to find them, He knew where they were, but He won’t overstep our will! I know in my life when I do something wrong, I kinda “hide” from God, I’ll avoid communication with Him, and..we play a game of Hide and seek until He finds me again, well until I let Him find me! Another aspect of those books is there are so many others things to look at that you get distracted trying to find what you are looking for! When we as Christians are looking for godly things it can get distracting with all the worldly things to look at out there because sometimes they look the same. With the Waldo books especially, you are looking for a certain person, will the people who are hungry for God find the Christian among all the people? Or will we look like everyone else, and no I’m not only talking about outward standards but inward too…the Bible says they will know us by our love one for another…will they find us? I just finished reading the book of Leviticus, honestly not my favorite book, so before I started reading it, I asked God to show me a purpose for it, and you know He did! No one will ever be able to convince me that God doesn’t care about holiness and separation because that is what that book is all about! There are threads of it all through it, we have to be holy so the world can find us and the truth!! In some of the pictures in the Waldo books, there are other people that look like Waldo, like they are wearing a striped shirt like him or glasses…that is the way Christianity sometimes works too! There are those that say they are Christians, but they are lacking the truth! I mean in apostolic churches too. In the great game of hide and seek, I really want to be found by God and those that need Him! We need to stand out and be holy not just blend in, so when someone is looking at the “pages” they will find the real “Waldo” the one they are looking for!! I love Y’all…

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